Quality cards with Christmas motifs from Die fahr zum Christkind.

The card folder contains 8 double cards with matching envelopes.

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The Journey to the Child of the Child - Die Fahrt zum Christkind is a kind of Christmas nursery game in book form, which first appeared in 1889. The author Julius Lohmeyer (1834-1903), a dedicated author of edifying children's books, chose to spice up the story of the children Fried and Liesel's Christmas musical journey, composed by Theodor Krause. The artist Viktor Paul Mohn (1842-1911) was given the task of illustrating the work with his pre-Art Nouveau style and is remembered today especially for illustrations for the brothers Grimm's fairy tales.

The motifs on the cards:

Children's journey begins
The angels find the two children 
Glory to God in the High and Peace on Earth
The children meet the baby Jesus
The children are locked into the Christmas Kingdom
The children receive gifts from St. Niklas 
Return to the mill 
Jesus Child's Departure

The cards are printed at a Swan-labeled company and made from environmentally certified FSC paper. 
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.