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Edible Wild Plants - 8 cards

Quality cards with motifs of edible wild plants illustrated by Kirsten Tind.

The card folder contains 8 double cards with related motifs.

€11.39  Incl. VAT
( €9.11  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612025286


It has become a trend to use wild plants in cooking. The wild plants have a natural vitamin content, are free from pesticides and are completely natural. In addition, it is pleasant to collect ingredients for his own meal. Kirsten Tind has illustrated 8 edible wild plants, which are some of the free raw materials found in our nature.

The motifs on the cards:

Crambe maritima - Sea kale
Allium ursinum - Wild garlic
Allium aleraceum - Field garlic
Plantago maritima, Honckenya peploides - Seaside plantain, Sea sandwort
Oxalis acetosella - Wood sorrel
Taraxacum officinale - Common dandelion
Aegopodium podagraria - Ground elder
Cochlearia officinalis - Common scurvygrass

The cards are printed on European Swan-labeled printers and are made from environmentally certified FSC paper.
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.