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In 2011 Søren and Ulla Koustrup started the publishing house Koustrup & Co. to pass on knowledge about plants, animals, gastronomy and organic suistaining.

With background in biology and publishing and an interest in nature and environment it seemed obvious.

In 2014 the company expanded with two daughters and a son in law with experience in plants, design and sale. That led to an expansion of the repetoire which now include design products such as card folders, posters, art prints, bags, serving trays, tea towels, glass ornaments, napkins, porcelain, coasters and more with lovely plant motifs. All things made of sustainable materials that is very important to us and the environment.

In 2018 the company expanded with 2 more employees. At Koustrup & Co. we are now 7 employees, 30 freelance authors, artists and graphic designers.



With a great passion for beautiful and decorative illustrations and artwork, we are continuously developing new Danish design quality products which are not just beautiful to look at but also provide knowledge about nature, garden, food, culture, history and animals.

At Koustrup & Co. we love working with our topics, products and customers as well as with authors, illustrators and graphic designers. The business is not just a job to us, but has its roots in a deep interest and desire to communicate the nature and gardening and create new, beautiful products with knowledge and respect for the world we live in.

Every product has a story to tell and we would like to pass that story to our customers.

Private label for Museums and castles  

Through many year we have collaborated with museums  and castles, developing unique products for their shops.

Telling the story of the museum or castle we continue to develop beautiful, sustainable products made in Europe always with focus on good quality products, that can last for years.

Only the imagination is the limit, when developing new products and the product range can be different for each customer matching their individual needs. 



Sustainable materials are used for our products – such as organic, GOTS, swan and FSC paper and we pack your packages with care. We reuse all the packaging materials we get in.

All our posters, art prints, tea towels and single cards are packed in bio-degradable cellophane bags produced of plant starch. It is degradable by 58 degrees.

Our packing fill is made of environmentally friendly-organic and compostable granulate and the paper filling is recycled paper.

We recycle all we can and that is why the packaging can vary sometimes.

All shipments are sent with our local contact at GLS or other international freight companies.


We hope that you will be inspired by our assortment as much as we do.


Kind regards

Koustrup & Co.

Katrine Koustrup Søborg - CEO, Design & production 

Lise Marie Abildgaard - SEO Sales and marketing manager
Ulla Koustrup - Editor, books & ideas
Mette Viking - Editor
Søren Koustrup - Economy
Christian Abildgaard - Logistic and warehouse
Sanne Jørgensen - Economy
Michelle Jensen- Sales, customer service and webshop
Camilla Obarius- Warehouse
Katrine Wendelboe - Design and Marketing



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