Quality card with motifs of the sea pantry.

The card folder contains 8 double cards with matching envelopes.


The fine illustrations of the sea pantry are designed by Susanne Weitemeyer, biological illustrator and artist.

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Fishing depends on nature's varying production of seafood. Previously, the animals' lives and development were subject to the natural fluctuations in the marine environment, but today the rest of the fishing and human impact is so great that it has a decisive influence on the permanent.

The sea animals and plants have always been an important source of food for the people of the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries are still among the world's most important fishing nations
and many Scandinavians have sea creatures on the plate at least once a week.
Seafood is tasty and at the same time very healthy. The pliers we have had to learn to eat again, after the Nordic Kitchen has gone its victorious course and many have wanted to catch animals and collect plants for their own meals.

The motifs on the cards are:

1. Green sea urchin - Viking tong - Horse riding - Task crab - Sand mussel
Sea urchin - Dabberlock - Brown shrimp - Edible crab - Soft-shell clam

2. Deep-sea prawn - Hummer - Heart mussel - Conch snail
Northern prawn - European lobster - Common cockle - Common whelk

3. Mackerel - Red tongue - Common beach snail - Bladder
Atlantic mackerel - Lemon sole - Common periwinkle - Leaves wrack

4. Plaice - Tangreje - Purple skin - Sepia squid - Thick shell trowel
European plaice - Rockpool prawn - Purple laver - Common Cuttlefish - Surf claim

5. Sej - Beach crab - Sukkertang - Fjordreje - Blue mussel
Coalfish - Shore cab - Sugar kelb - Baltic prawn - Blue mussel

6. Scrub - Heart mussel - Herring - Sea lettuce - European oysters
European flounder - Common cockle - Atlantic herring - Sea lettuce - European flat oyster

7. Salmon - Sausage - American knife mussel - Large scallop - Thick shell trowel mussel
Atlantic salmon - Dulse - Reasor shell - Great scallop - Surf clam

8. Virgin lobster - Capricorn - Blue mussel - Eel
Norway lobster - Lumpsucker - Blue mussel - European eel

The cards are printed on European Swan-labeled company and are made from environmentally certified FSC paper.
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.