Chili - The mild, beautiful and hot (danish text)


There are thousands of chili varieties worldwide. Some are mild, some are beautiful, and some are really, really hot! So how do you figure out which varieties to put in your food?

Chili experts Lene Tvedegaard and Gunvor Maria Juul offer 41 good suggestions for that question in the latest addition to the tribe of "small white books with great content" from Koustrup & Co.

"Chili is not just chili," say the authors. "There is a big difference in taste, shapes and colors between the varieties. Chili can do so much more than being the hot ingredient in food or a test of strength in endurance. The strength hit delicately is a fantastic flavor enhancer on par with salt and sugar. And the aromas in the pulp can vary greatly, from, for example, mango to apple - of course it must be used.'' In addition to presenting their own chilli favourites, in the small handy book they tell about the history of chillies, chilli botany, growing chillies, harvesting and storage, strength and chili in cooking and shares a number of delicious chili recipes.

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