Honey tastes of the bees' rumster around the flowers and their careful work with the nectar. Of the plants that bloomed as the bee came by. Of the sun and rain, of the heat and the cold. Honey is diversity in taste and scent, in texture and color and is in a universe comparable to the complex flavors that surround wine, beer and chocolate.

The taste difference between the elegant spring honey and the powerful late summer honey is significant. In addition, the difference between the mild rapeseed and the muscular heather honey is also great. But what determines the taste of the honey and how to describe it? And what types of honey are suitable for certain dishes?

Karin Gutfelt who is a beekeeper and biologist gives in this book information on how nectar turns into honey and about the world of bees. The book also contains recipes where honey is an essential and essential ingredient.

Hardcover, 96 pages.
Measures: 17x12.5 cm.

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