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Faded beauty - SQAURE CARDS

Send a beautiful card to someone you love and treat the recipient with a beautifully dried floral motif decorated by garden designer Dorthe Kvist and photographed by art photographer Maria Fynsk Norup.

Dried flowers and decorations have become a popular trend. The joy persists and dried flowers, decorations and bouquets take into account both the environment and the economy due to the long shelf life. Dried flowers have come to stay and can be part of the interior in several fine and creative ways.

Dorthe Kvist has captured the essence and magic of garden flowers as they dry in and become faded beauties. Art photographer Maria Fynsk Norup has beautifully captured Dorthe's creations and the result can be enjoyed in this map folder with 8 fine cards and associated envelopes.

Tip: frame the cards and let them decorate beautifully at home.

• Weight: 144 grams
• 8 double cards
• 8 envelopes
• Decorations: Dorthe Kvist
• Photo: Maria Fynsk Norup

€6.56  Incl. VAT
( €5.25  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612040845