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BOOK Treasures by Jim Lyngvild

Jim Lyngvild explored Rosenborg castle treasures and received the right to show these treasures under a new light, that has never existed before. It is a pure heartbreak that this painting is giving - and a light point of view on the most beautiful treasures of Denmark.


You'd be astonished and captivated by the detail, quality and work that has been put in this creation - exposed with a rare love of the most beautiful nation's objects. Savage, bloody, deducting, exotic - this is how Lyngvild wants to show these objects, with all the respect of the wonderful nature and poetry floating around them. 

Intended for the power, the splendor and admiring glances. Jewelries big as quail eggs, so ancient pearls that their origins are lost. Crowns and jewelries worn by the most legendary Kings and Queens of the past. It's an extraordinary walk in the past that Jim Lyngvild offered to us here. Take a look at the royal treasures, gems of the crown and the most magnificent  clothes of Denmark exposed with all their grace, splendor, and glory, under point of views that will only increase their majestic nature.

"The result is unique, and the staging is stimulating our curiosity and free our imagination."

- Thomas C. Thulstrup, director of the Danish Royal Collection. 


The book is addressed to every exquisite design, jewelry, artisanal work, history fans, and in a simple way, to everyone who enjoys nice objects. 

• Made in Europe 

• History and treasures of danish ancient queens and kings 

• Treasures from Rosenborg castle 

• Please note that the book is written in danish, but still offers you beautiful universal pictures 

• Size : 24,5x34cm 

• Hard covering

• 320 pages 

• Illustrations : Jim Lyngvild 

• Text : Jesper Munk Andersen - conservative of the danish Royal Collection. 

• Edition : Koustrup & Co

€30.16  Incl. VAT
( €24.13  Excl. VAT )
Model: 9788793159563