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This book describes over 300 different species and varieties of herbs, including wild herbs that can be used in cooking. Virtually all herb species and varieties are included, along with information on the best cultivation methods, winter storage, seed collection, and harvesting. There are also sections on the diversity of herbs, their culinary properties, and important constituents.

For food and garden enthusiasts, there are comprehensive sections on aromas, usage, and cultivation, and there are great recipes from chefs Kirsten Skaarup, Thomas Hermann, Martin Haugaard Zielke, and Jimmy Duevang.

The essential oils of herbs are crucial for their aroma. Therefore, special attention is given to describing them. What makes thyme smell so distinct, and how do we best preserve these lovely aromas in food? Should they be boiled in the dish, or does the taste experience disappear with heating?

Herbs constitute a healthy, green seasoning for our food. Herbs also often have a history as medicinal plants, but what else can they be used for besides adding flavor to our food and why? This book provides an overview of specific, well-documented effects, as well as what the herbs are recommended for within modern health practices.

Lene Tvedegaard, agronomist and owner of Gartneri Toftegaard, together with Gunvor Maria Juul, herb and food historian, have written this substantial and passionate book.

In this 3rd edition, the book has been updated and includes new varieties and species such as Licorice, Shiso, Sevenseas, Ginger, and Cardamom, as well as new vegetarian dishes by Kirsten Skaarup.

Hardcover, 414 pages.

Dimensions: 24.5x21 cm.

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