BOOK: Vegetables - Cultivate and eat (danish text)

'Vegetables' is the newest addition to the small white series, and here Jens Juhl and Sølva Falgren share their years of experience with being successful in the vegetable garden and making delicious, healthy food from the produce.

"The best vegetables are those you grow yourself, and of course they must be organic," say the authors behind the book, Jens Juhl and Sølva Falgren. And they know what they are talking about."Slottet" is the name of their allotment house in Gladsaxe. And in the castle garden, since 1994, they have experimented with growing organic vegetables. Today, they are in demand as lecturers throughout the country, just as they invite everyone with an interest in learning more about ecology into their garden. Jens and Sølva have written a number of books on ecology. In this small, practical guide, they briefly introduce the basic principles of organic farming and give good tips for success with: cucumber, tomato, pepper, chilli, squash, hokkaido, beetroot, spinach, salad plants, beans, horse beans, carrots, garlic, cabbage , onions, leeks, celeriac, parsnips, parsley root, beetroot, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus and rhubarb.

The book contains 32 recipes.

• Bound
• Number of pages: 96 pages.
• Measures: 17x12.5 cm

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