BOOK: The taste of tomato (danish text)

Tomatoes... tastes of more today than they did in our childhood

One of the roads to heaven is the taste of a sun-ripened tomato. The many tomato varieties provide vastly different experiences of acidity, sweetness, fruit flavors, meatiness, juiciness and color play, and they add great opportunities to gastronomy. Tomatoes are pure umami bombs. They are low in calories and fat, contain antioxidants and vitamins, all in the trend of today's desire for healthy foods.

The book has selected some of the best and most spectacular tomato varieties. Ideas for preservation, freezing, drying, pickling, etc. Lene Tvedegaard, in collaboration with passionate people, has collected recipes that give new life to the little fruit.

The book touches. areas such as:

· The vegetable's way to Danish cuisine
· Cultivation
· Sort
· Health
· Storage
· More than 30 recipes

Hardcover, 156 pages.
Measures 26x21 cm.

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Model: 9788793159167