Rhubarb - History, cultivation and use (danish text)

"A dedicated book that goes in depth. A wonderful little love story' - Mandekogebogen

"An excellent book that, even in the shrunk version, has all the knowledge you need. Regardless of whether you grew up in a rhubarb neighborhood or not. Her [Inger Vaabens, ed.] story about rhubarb is extremely exciting.'' - Lars Lund, Nordjyske


Ready for the start of the season?

Rhubarb porridge, rhubarb juice, rhubarb jam – the taste of spring. Get ready for the season with this handy little book that contains everything you need to know about the beautiful harbinger of spring.

Everything you need to know about rhubarb and its uses

It wasn't until around 1930 that people started eating rhubarb here at home. Originally, the plant was used exclusively as a medicinal plant, and its history can be traced back several thousand years.

Today, the sour vegetable is widely used in most of the world, both in savory and sweet cuisine, and there are more than 70 different varieties.

In this little book, Inger Vaaben, owner of the organic herb garden Nielsen & Nielsen, pours out her knowledge about the history, cultivation and use of the popular harbinger of spring.

Carsten Lunding, food architect and author of several books on taste, has contributed recipes and the section on rhubarb taste.

The book contains 28 rhubarb recipes for dinner dishes, desserts, pickles, drinks and accessories.

Rhubarb is a paperback edition of and replaces the book Smagen af ​​Rabarber, first published in 2015.

Hardcover, 99 pages.
Measures: 17x12.5 cm.

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