Conifers can be seen in many places in Denmark, as spruce and pine trees are the most common conifers. The trees grow naturally south of the equator to the northern polar circle.

In Scandinavia, Russia and in northern North America there are huge, uniform stands of trees with different growing conditions ranging from moist rainforest-like conditions to polar-like climates at the northernmost latitudes.
Trees belonging to the spruce family are crucial to the world's supply of wood production, timber and paper. This is because they can grow on more nutritious soils than the deciduous trees. The trees are also better adapted to the low sun and harsh growth conditions of the northern latitudes and because of the simple structure of the trees they are easy to utilize for industrial use.

• Dimensions: 42x59.4 cm.
• Comes in biodegradable cellophane.
• Weight: 56 grams.
• Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German and Latin.

All posters are produced at Swan label printing and printed on FSC certified paper.

The title of the poster is danish. 

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