The wondrous life of plants (danish text)

The garden seen from the plants' point of view

Plants do not have a brain, but they function as individuals, fighting for survival and dependent on their surroundings, on each other – and on us. Understanding the wondrous life of plants is the first step towards a successful garden.

Dr Stuart Farrimond, who describes himself as a "natural scientist with a passion for demystifying and uncovering things", has written a large number of popular books with the aim of making technical language understandable to everyone. The aim of this book has not been to explain how to look after and care for your plants, but why, he says.

Because you can go completely crazy in the forest with gibberish and weird rituals. What is "a perennial"? What on earth does ground cover mean? And why can't I water the plants in the middle of the day? These and over a hundred other questions about plants are asked and answered, and along the way some of the more persistent garden myths and methods that belong to the past are dispelled.

Illustrated throughout with useful diagrams, photos and tables

Hardcover, 224 pages.
Measures: 26.1 x 21.6 cm

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