TRAY 32x15 - Amaryllis

Serving tray with the beautiful Amaryllis flowers pattern. 

Eco-friendly made in Europe of Nordic birch veneer with a strong melamine coating. 
Dishwasher safe.

• 32x15 cm
• Manufactured in Europe of Nordic birch veneer
• Approved for food
• Durable
• Dish washer safe
• Heat resistant up to 120 degrees

€26.70  Incl. VAT
( €21.36  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612034707


Beautiful tray in 20 x 27 cm produced in Europe from birch veneer adorned with amayllis belladonna. The hill has with its light green background and light red and white flowers, a fine and light expression. Amaryllis flowers are impressive with their 6 large blister leaves and tall erect growth and there are many who enjoy the sight of them in all the different colors they can find them. The tray in birch veneer is good for use both as a tray, plate, as a tray for dishwashing liquid and hand soap.