Medicinal plants

Over time, medicinal plants have been used to cure diseases and have been surrounded by both superstition and mysticism. Some of the plants are today considered to be highly toxic and not for intake. Many medicines used today continue to be based on certain medicinal plants, but are now being developed in more chemical form. Today, the natural medicinal plants are mostly used as a supplement to alm. medicine. Eg. peppermint tea is good if you have constipation and ginger good for nausea. Always use medicinal plants based on additional knowledge about each plant. This knowledge can e.g. found in books or online. The poster is extremely decorative for any room in the home and provides an insight into our amazing medical history over time.

The medicinal plants are illustrated by botanical cartoonist Kirsten Tind and we have created this exclusive version of the very popular poster. It is now possible to get it in all sizes as well as choose the language you want. We gently print and cut out the poster and place it in biodegradable cellophane or a larger size gift box.


Available in sizes A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) for B1 (70 x 100 cm)

Languages: Danish / Latin, Swedish / Latin, Norwegian / Latin, English / Latin, German / Latin, French Latin.

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