Cool queens - SQUARE CARDS

Fantastic photos of Queens are here made in a cardfolder with 8 square cards. 
Danish designer and multi artist Jim Lyngvild has interpreted the entire Danish royal line, here are 8 different Queens of the Danish Royal Line. 

The folder consist of 8 different cards with photos and eight eucalyptus envelopes printed on FSC paper, all in a card-folder with gold foil.

Cool Queens is part of the new collection TREASURES - Jim Lyngvild for Koustrup & Co. 

• Cards : 13x13 cm
• Card folder : 14.5 x 14.5 cm
• Printed on FSC paper 

• Made in Europe

• Eco-friendly
• 8 double cards and envelopes

• Illustrations : Jim Lyngvild

€9.12  Incl. VAT
( €7.30  Excl. VAT )
€11.40  Incl. VAT
You save: €2.28
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