CHRISTMAS WREATHS - Square card folder

Wreaths are a sign of Christmas. A wreath on the door welcomes people and invites to coziness, tradition and brings light into the dark winter time.

Square card folder with modern and decorative Christmas wreaths illustrated by Kirsten Tind.

The cards measure 15x15 cm and are printed on matte paper with gold print.

The card folder contains 8 double cards with matching envelopes.

85,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 68,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612025088

The motifs on the cards:

Winter berry wreath
Christmas rose wreath
Wreath of cones and catkins
Wreath of cones
Holly wreath
Wreath of succulents
Azalea and heather wreath
Wreath of Mistletoe

The cards are printed on European Swan-labeled printers and are made from environmentally certified FSC paper.
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.