Seaweed is not only decorative and an algae that thrives well in water. Seaweed can also be eaten and used in many types of dishes. Use it dried as a spice or bring it directly into the cooking, as a sweetener in ice cream and cakes, as seaweed lettuce for the fish or in wok dishes.
In Denmark, there are several good places to find high quality seaweed because of our many coastlines. Jump in a wetsuit or in a few waders and see if you can recognize seaweed from the poster. However, you should keep in mind that only seaweed that is constantly covered with water may be ingested.

On this poster are selected 13 common species of seaweed, which can be found in Denmark.

• Dimensions: 42x59.4 cm.
• Comes in biodegradable cellophane.
• Weight: 56 grams.
• Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English and Latin.

All posters are produced at Swan label printing and printed on FSC certified paper.

The title of the poster is danish. 

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