BOOK: The Beach - animals and plants (danish text)

On the beach we can find exciting things for the windowsill, good ingredients for food, and we can go for walks alone or with children and grandchildren. The book describes the most common animals, plants and seaweed species that grow or flush up along our nearly 9,000 km stretch of coast.

The book contains a number of exciting food recipes, which include animals, seaweed and beach plants as well as a description of how they are collected. The ideal book to have standing in the cottage and to spend the trip along the beach.

The beach - animals and plants were written by the two marine biologists Michael Bo Rasmussen and Annette Bruhn and illustrated with photos as well as Susanne Weitemeyer's beautiful drawings of the beach's animals and plants. A number of posters have also been published in connection with the book: The beach, The sea's mussels and snails, Beach plants, The sea's fish and Edible seaweed.

Hardcover, 112 pages.
Measures: 21x16 cm

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