BOOK: Din have - dine regler

ARE YOU NEW IN THE SEA and have difficulty in overseeing the project? Have you been looking for answers to your garden questions but are drowned in information? Or maybe you've been cultivating the garden for many years and looking for a new and more relaxed way of doing things? Then this book is for you.

We clean up the jumble of rules, good advice, myths and misconceptions that flourish in the garden area, and suggest simpler ways to do things - whether you are "wild on purpose" or tight minimalism. With this book in hand, you can decide on an informed basis what you want to spend your time in the garden on and what you choose to care about. In the garden, it is you who decide, without any duties other than those you give yourself. Say goodbye to gardening, goodbye to garden hygiene, and get started creating the garden that turns on the joy of exactly you. 

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