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Flint ax with fossil - ART PRINT - CHOOSE SIZE

Far, far, far back in time, there are known examples of stone axes, where the ax is designed around a sea urchin or a clam that appears prominently in the middle of the ax. Although the Stone Age sounds very old to us, there are actually findings to suggest that fossilization is not just something we modern humans, homo sapiens, have come up with. In tombs and settlements dating back to 700,000 years before Christus, and which has been inhabited by our ancestors gay Neanderthalensis and homo erectus, many pieces of especially silverware stems have been found.

This art print, a stone-age flint ax is carefully chopped around a fossil clam. The ax is found in Norfolk, England.
Lykke Bianca stands for the well-like and beautiful illustration for the art print.

The art print is printed on matte and strong quality paper from the house's own printer.
Sizes A4 and A3 come in single pack and flat in biodegradable cellophane. Prints from A2 and larger sizes are rolled with tissue paper around and come in triangular cardboard tubes with beautiful silver prints.

Exclusive frame - can be purchased

Price from
€13.27  Incl. VAT
( €10.62  Excl. VAT )
Model: 40-A4107