Skin Tonic 200 ml - Raunsborg

Give your skin the best starting point

A skintonic has one purpose; to create the best starting point for the skin after the use of cleansing products - and before the use of skin care products. Skintonic is therefore often used before day cream and night cream.

Raunsborg® Skin Tonic 200 ml is a caring, refreshing and non-alcoholic tonic with a fresh scent of birch. A fantastic skin tonic for all skin types.

Our skintonic contains active ingredients from sugar beet, which add moisture to the skin. While elderflower and birch bark soothe, care for and refresh the skin - leaving it silky soft.

Hazelnut and cranberry have a firming effect and have an antibacterial effect.

Raunsborg® Skin Tonic effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities from the skin.

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