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Face wash 100 ml - Raunsborg

Impurities are a thing of the past

Remove dirt, makeup and grease - your skin will thank you for it.

It is hard work to keep the skin clean and healthy. But if you do not cleanse the skin often, you will experience how the skin feels dirty and unclean.

Raunsborg® Face Wash 100 ml is a mild and frothy face wash. It easily and effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities - and leaves the skin silky soft.

Extracts from the Nordic herbs, birch bark and witch hazel, have a calming, refreshing and moisturizing effect - and at the same time firming.

With Raunsborg® Face Wash you get:

a clean and fresh skin
help maintain the skin's natural moisture balance
decreased skin signs of aging

€17.41  Incl. VAT
( €13.93  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5713006196121