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New Danish children's book about the WILD LIFE OF WILD BEERS

Do bees have three eyes in their foreheads? How much does a bee sting hurt? Can bees talk to each other? Why do some flowers smell of bee foot sweat?

Together with the authors, Beate Strandberg and Pernille Eskildsen and accompanied by Kamilla Wichmann's beautiful drawings, we follow the short and absolutely fantastic lives of wild bees. You come into their nests. You meet their worst enemies, and you learn to tell the difference between bees, wasps and hoverflies.

Authors and illustrator:

Beate Strandberg is a senior researcher at the Section for Plant and Insect Ecology, Aarhus University.

Pernille Eskildsen is a trained journalist and works with text and PR.

Kamilla Wichmann has supplied drawings for many children's books and for Berlingske Tidende. She received 'The Golden Apple' at the Illustrations Biennale in Bratislava 2007 and was selected for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015.


The book has 48 pages

€25.20  Incl. VAT
( €20.16  Excl. VAT )
Model: 9788793159754