BOOK: the taste of strawberries (danish text)

Mature strawberries... then it's summer!

When strawberries ripen it is by definition summer and not many people remember their grandmother's garden and strawberries with cream? The many varieties taste different, but which taste best? Of course, this is a matter of taste, but the strawberries that are allowed to ripen by themselves clearly taste the most. Every moment of the year, a strawberry is picked somewhere in the world. The tempting berry is loved by everyone and is grown from Greenland to Tasmania and from Columbia to Japan. Still, we think nothing is more Danish than strawberries with cream.

In this book "The taste of strawberries" Maren Korsgaard, specializing in fruit and berries, talks about the varieties of strawberries, the history and botany of strawberries, strawberries in art and culture, strawberries in the garden, cultivation and its good taste and ingredients. Furthermore, she gives a wide variety of recipes for strawberries used in both traditional dishes and new compositions - also in the savory kitchen.

The book touches. areas such as:

· The history of the strawberry
· Botany and distribution
· Strawberries in the garden
· Success with strawberries
· Diseases and pests
· Taste, scent and health

Hardcover, 160 pages.
Measures: 26x21 cm.

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