Lack experience and little space?
Then it doesn't have to be a problem because with the book Kitchen Garden in one bed you can eat delicious food that you have grown all year round.

With only 21 years old, Huw Richards is already an experienced gardener who has published several books on gardening. In this book, Huw shows how a variety of organic vegetables can easily be grown in just one high bed, so there is something to eat every month.

In the book you can read about how it can be done - month by month. The book also shows simple cultivation techniques step by step.
If you start with sprouting in the windowsill, then there is a greater chance of a good harvest.

Young author Huw Richards is the author of the popular YouTube channel Huws Nursery with a crowd of over 270,000 kitchen garden people. With its YouTube channel, Huw has generated tremendous interest in the younger generation to get started growing the kitchen garden. And Huw is a great inspiration to everyone.

The book is translated directly from English by author Bo Egelund. You can read about the following areas:

· Vegetables in jars
· Diseases and pests
· High-bed month by month
· Seeds and small plants
· Irrigation of crops

Hardcover, 226 pages.
Measures: 24x20 cm.

€33.24  Incl. VAT
( €26.59  Excl. VAT )
Model: 9788793159501