BOOK: HJALTES KAMP - Children's book about a Viking boy

Hjaltes Kamp is a story of a Viking boy who cannot live up to his father Earl Trygve's expectations of courage and strength. Hjalte feels like a failure but he finds help from his half-sister, the slave girl Kuska, and with her and her falcon, Lyngvinge, they have many exciting and dangerous experiences.

This book oozes the Viking Age and at the back of the book there are recipes for Viking food as well as an explanation of some of the things or phenomena that appear in the narrative. Rune alphabets are also included.

The Viking boy's saga 1 is the first volume in the series. It was written by children's book author Charlotte Blay, who is known for her many books, including some historical ones. Charlotte Blay was inspired to write the book in connection with the excavation of Harald Blåtand's ring castle near Køge, which she followed closely.

Hardcover, 112 pages
Measures: 21x16 cm
First. volume in the series
Author: Charlotte Blay

The text of the book is Danish

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