BOOK: Hjalte and King Blue Tooth - A Viking story

Exciting and independent story of Hjaltes fight
2. volume in the series

In this book Hjalte travels with Harald Blåtand to Jelling and here he has the opportunity to use his hammer and chisel on the famous Jelling stone.

The friends the son of Earl Hjalte, the slave girl Kuska and the turning prisoner Rurik hide in a clearing behind the bushes at the cliff. They are hungry because they have not been fed for several days. The fire in their bonfire crackles and a lovely scent spreads from the farm hen they just caught. The wolf is pouring into the forest. They usually only hear it at night - not during the day like now. Maybe it's hungry too? Wheels tie their fists and Rurik pulls his ax out of the belt while Kuska calms his falcon Lynvinge over the plumage. The wolf comes to them?

At the back of the book you can find recipes for Viking food as well as explanations for several Viking expressions.
The book caters to smaller children and is good for high reading.

Hjalte and King Blue tooth are the second volume in the series. It was written by children's book author Charlotte Blay, who is known for her many books, including some historical ones. Charlotte Blay was inspired to write the book in connection with the excavation of Harald Blåtand's ring castle near Køge, which she followed closely.

Hardcover, 112 pages
Measures: 21x16 cm
2nd. volume in the series
Author: Charlotte Blay

The text of the book is Danish

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