BOOK: Denmark's trees and shrubs (danish text)

This book about Denmark's trees and shrubs is an updated and richly illustrated handbook on the trees and shrubs of the forest and the open country. In the book, botanical facts are spiced up with exciting stories about the life, prehistory, names, exploitation and much more of the plants.

The book caters to all nature enthusiasts and also works well as reference books in different languages if only quick and easy-to-digest information is desired.
Also used as a textbook for horticultural and forestry education.
The book addresses these areas among several others:
· Descriptions, characteristics, confusion, ecology, occurrence, name and use of trees and shrubs.
· More than 500 photos, distribution cards and drawings
· Determination key with images
· Overview with names of Danish, Latin, Swedish, Norwegian, English and German.

Hardcover, 336 pages.
Measures: 23x17 cm.

€38.20  Incl. VAT
( €30.56  Excl. VAT )
Model: 9788793159112