ART PRINT A3 - Prickly poppy - OUT OF STOCK

Art print of the amazing red Prickly poppy, Papaver argemone, illustrated by Kirsten Tind. 

Printed on mat heavy FSC paper. 

Measures 29.7 x 42 cm. 

€10.06  Incl. VAT
( €8.05  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612025439


Prickly Poppies are amazing. The red prickly poppy is widespread throughout Denmark and is a one-year-old herb that can be recognized by its coarse hair with a single flower on the long stem.

The prickly poppy blooms from May to July and grows on fields, on roadsides, gravel pits and other places with bare soil. 
The flower is strong red and usually has a black plate at the bottom of the petals while the fruit capsule is narrow and stiff.