WILD GARDENS (danish text)

Wild gardens are gaining ground, but many give up when the grass takes over or it starts to look messy. In this large, beautiful book, Jens Thejsen shows how to succeed in creating a lovely garden where the bees buzz and the birds whistle.

The book contains a number of concrete proposals for different habitat gardens – gardens inspired by the natural conditions that prevail on the plot and in the surrounding nature.

Near a forest, for example, it is obvious to plant a forest garden or a garden grove. If you have a summer cottage near a beach, it is an advantage to adapt the garden to the sandy soil, and if the garden is in an area that is often flooded, it is smart to make use of the water and plant something that suits the moist environment.

Accompanied by plant lists and more than 200 photos, Thejsen explains why you should choose species over varieties, perennial and native plants over annuals and non-natives, and why it is so important to preserve old and dead trees, to know your soil type and create habitats for both animals, plants, algae, bacteria and mushrooms.

Hardcover, 224 pages.
Measures: 28,5x21,4 cm.

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Model: 9788793159846