PRINT A4 - Red parrots

Poster with parrots, lorries and lorikeets in red and green colors from Australia, Asia and Oceania. 
Illustrated by Jon Fjeldså. 

Packed individually in biodegradable cellophane bag.
Measures 21x29 cm. 

The poster is printed on European Swan-labeled printers and made of environmentally certified FSC design paper. 

NB: the title of the poster is english. 

€6.57  Incl. VAT
( €5.26  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612026009


Parrots, lorries and lorikeets at the poster: 

Purple-bellied Lory (Eastern New Guinea) - Black-capped Lory (Western Papuan Islands) - Blue Lorikeet (Tuamotu and Society Islands, Pacific) - Yellow-streaked Lory (Southern New Guinea) - Collared Lory (Fiji, Pacific) - Rimatara Lorikeet (Rimatara, French Polynesia) - Brown Lory (New Guinea) - Dusky Lory (New Guinea) - Papuan Lorikeet (Huon Peninsula, New Guinea) - Papuan Lorikeet (Vogelkop Peninsula, New Guinea) - Musk Lorikeet (Australia) - Red-and-blue Lory (Talaud Island, Indoneska) - Cardinal Lory (Bismarck and Solomon Islands) - Red Lory (Seram, Indonesia) - Coconut Lory (Australia) - Goldie’s Lorikeet (New Guinea) - Red-flanket Lorikeet (Bismarck and Solomon Islands) - Ornate Lorikeet (Sulawesi, Indonesia) - Coconut Lory (Admiralty Islands)