Sea lilies are a very ancient animal group, dating back to the Cambrian era. They have always been numerous in the earth's garden, where they could form entire "forests" on the seabed and become several meters high. These are typically pieces of stalk from those found as fossils, as they are very massive and the individual limestone plates in it have sat quite well together. Pieces of silver silica are very easy to recognize as they are pentagonal to round in cross section and have a characteristic five-piece inner structure. The arms and the "cup" are rarely found.

The petrified sea lilies found in Denmark originate mainly from the Cretaceous or Paleocene era, but they can also be found in the Eastern Falcon all the way back from Ordovicium and Silurian times.

This art print shows decorative sea lilies with starfish and sea urchins.
Lykke Bianca stands for the well-like and beautiful illustrations for the art print.

The art print is printed on matte and strong quality paper from the house's own printer.
Sizes A4 and A3 come in single pack and flat in biodegradable cellophane. Prints from A2 and larger sizes are rolled with tissue paper around and come in triangular cardboard tubes with beautiful silver prints.

Exclusive frame - can be purchased

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