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Beautiful placemats for a beautiful table.

Produced in Europe, in sustainable eucalyptus wood composite, these placemats have a really durable surface that will resist an everyday use. 

With their perfect size (30x39cm), they will give you enough space to put plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins. Moreover, the surface is made so it can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees of heat, and only needs a damp cloth to be cleaned up.

The cork backside and the round corners will assure you they won't damage or move on the table. 

For maintenance, our advice is to give it a wipe with olive oil on the surface once in a while.

Sustainable placemats with beautiful patterns manufactured in Europe

Our beautiful placemats are all decorated with artistic and aesthetic patterns. Invite your guests to a cozy dinner at home and decorate the table with these placemats. 

Add a little extra class to your dining table with our timeless placemats, which at the same time protect your surfaces from dirt from water and food, and elevate the aesthetic expression in the room.

• Among the selection of placemats, you will find the motifs:

- Anemone
- Poppies
- Lemons
- Klosterhave
- Birds
And many more…

Easy maintenance: Extend the life of your placemats

As we want to offer placemats in a durable design, it has also been important for us to sell products that you can easily maintain.

For optimal maintenance, simply wipe the surface with olive oil every now and then. For a daily cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the surface with a wet cloth.

If you follow these maintenance tips, you are guaranteed these placemats will last for many years.

• What is composite?
Composite is durable, non-slip and prevents the natural decay process of wood. Precisely for this reason, the life is extra long for our placemats, without compromising on the graceful appearance.

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