Face serum 30 ml - Raunsborg

Luxury product for the face

Many women experience, sooner or later, dry, impure and oily skin. This may be due to a lack of vitamins and minerals, among other things.

Raunsborg® Face Serum 30 ml is a concentrated and moisturizing face serum that leaves the skin matte and at the same time silky soft.

This is due to the composition of active ingredients such as omega 3, omega 6 and hyaluronic acid as well as plants, herbs and flowers from the Nordic nature. This gives the serum unique properties, which counteracts dry and impure skin, reduces pigment spots, repairs damaged skin and smoothes fine lines.

In addition, rice starch helps to absorb the excess oil of the skin and thus controls the shine and reduces the appearance of pores, which gives a long-lasting, matte appearance without drying out the skin.

Raunsborg® Face Serum is developed and produced at our innovative laboratory in Assens on West Funen with inspiration found in Flora Danica and its Nordic herbal universe.

4 Reasons to Choose Face Serum

Strengthening, edifying properties and rich in antioxidants
Moisturizing and emollient
Reduces damaged skin and minimizes pores
High content of omega 3 and 6

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