TRAY Ø38 - Stag

Serving tray with a beautiful motif of the stag, illustrated by Bettina Lehmann. 

Eco-friendly made of Nordic birch veneer with strong melamine coating. 

Dishwasher safe and long-lasting. 

279,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 223,20 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Model: 5711612025071

´The deer is illustrated by Bettina Lehmann, who in her art uses black marker and pen with many layers on top of each other. With a focus on Nordic animals, here is illustrated the majestic red deer. The red deer is the largest land-living animal in Denmark. It is no longer as widespread as it was before the 18th century. In 1799, the king ordered all the crustaceans shot outside the animal garden in Jægersborg, when the crustaceans went into the fields of the farmers and fed too many crops. Fortunately, the original stock has grown again in Jutland and the vulnerable stand on Zealand is also of considerable size today.