BOOK: The taste of rhubarb (danish text)

Rhubarb... sour as lemons!

When the first thin rhubarb comes up in April, winter is really over and the longing for rhubarb compote, rhubarb cake and rhubarb juice is great. Who would think that a sour vegetable can be so attractive?

In "The Taste of Rhubarb" you get not only a book dedicated to the history and cultivation of the rhubarb but also 35 recipes that give you new inspiration on how to use rhubarb for all the meals of the day. Inger Vaaben, an ecologically rhubarb grower at Stengaarden in Farum, knows more than most about the cultivation, application and the exciting history of the rhubarb, which she shares in this book. Chef and food architect Carsten Lunding has assisted Inger Vaaben with recipes, cooking and the section on taste.

The book touches. areas such as:

· The history of the rhubarb plant
· Plant botany
· Rhubarb varieties
· Cultivation
· Harvesting, driving and storage
· 39 recipes

Hardcover, 128 pages.
Measures: 26x21 cm.

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Model: 9788793159273