BOOK: The taste of chili (danish text)

Chili ... much more than hot

Chili in food is the main theme of this book. There are delicious and hot recipes for main courses, desserts, salsa, jam and harissa. The book also gives suggestions as to which chilli are good in which dishes. With this book, Lene Tvedegaard gives you inspiration to choose the right dosage and variety of chili in your cooking. "THE TASTE OF CHILI" is a cultivation guide that emphasizes the use of the many different chilies in cooking. Here, approx. 42 selected chili varieties of different strengths and flavors. The recipes cover everything from gourmet main courses to salsa, drying and preservation of chili fruit after harvest. The recipes were composed by chef Jimmy Weber, jam expert Vivi Nordestgaard, food historian Gunvor Juul as well as the author himself, chiligartner Lene Tvedegaard.

"The taste of chili is what I would call the chili lover's Bible. Here is everything you as a chili enthusiast can want from knowledge "writes Kirsten Skaarup on her blog.
 In the book 2. edition has included a new chili scale, which was prepared in collaboration between Lene Tvedegaard and the University of Southern Denmark.

The book deals with the following topics:
· Is chili healthy?
· Sort, aroma and strength
· Cultivation
· Storage

Hardcover, 144 pages.
Measures: 26x21 cm.

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