KUNSTDRÜCK - Muscheln und Schnecken (Muslinger og snegle)

A4 print with mussels and snails from the ocean. Illustrated by artist Susanne Weitemeyer. 
Go for a walk on the beach and fill your pockets with mussels. With this poster, you can find which kind of mussels you have found. 

Packed individually in biodegradable cellophane bag. 
Measures 21x29.7 cm. 

NB: the title of the poster is danish.
Names of species in danish and latin.

€6.59  Inkl. MwSt
( €5.27  Exkl. MwSt )
Model/Artikelnr.: 5711612032086

The poster is printed on certified FSC design paper. 

Names at the art print are in danish and latin.